About GreenPractice

Human health is dependent on a healthy environment. Of the many threats facing us today, climate change is one of the most serious. As doctors our scientific training, humanitarian perspective and respectability in society make us well placed to understand the health implications of climate change and promote preventative action.

It is also increasingly evident that many of the changes needed to improve environmental health benefit our health too. This provides a compelling reason to “think global and act local” in our medical practice for the benefit of our patients’ current and future health. https://www.thelancet.com/journals/lancet/article/PIIS0140-6736(15)60931-X/fulltext

GreenPractice provides the opportunity to be part of a visible community of doctors who support sustainable living and practice. Increasing our visibility to our patients, peers and the general public and being part of a group advocating change enables us to educate and influence the broader community in a way that would not be possible through individual actions alone.

Onslow Road Family Practice
Onslow Road Family Practice Garden

By providing educational materials in our waiting rooms and by being role models for change we can advance the important stance our profession is taking on this issue.

Being involved is simple.

* Make changes in your practice to reduce your ecological footprint (e.g. the ACF Green Clinic guide as a resource).

* Let your colleagues know that you support sustainability in medicine. That’s easy, start using the GreenPractice logo on your letterhead/referrals or websites.

* Let your patients know that you are taking action by displaying the GreenPractice certificate in your practice.

* These steps are listed in detail on our How to Join page.

Small steps can make a difference.