Healthy Investors

Is your money invested in:

  • Tobacco?
  • Alcohol or Gambling?
  • Fossil Fuels, Coal / Oil?
  • Gas Fracking / Coal seam gas / Shale gas?
  • Uranium mining / Nuclear industry?
  • Nuclear weapons / Weapons manufacturing?


As health professionals it is important that our ethics are represented not only in our daily work with patients but also with our investments and purchases outside of our work commitments. Up until 2013, the leading superannuation fund for health professionals in WA was still investing in tobacco!!

This platform will help you to contact your super fund to find out exactly what your money is being invested in. It will help you to encourage them to invest ethically in technologies and products that will lead us into the future, both improving health and improving profitability.

For further information, see the DEA website for divestment FAQ’s
Email GESB superannuation and/or Email HESTA superannuation…

Please edit your response as required and add your name / contact details at the end of the email.
Thank you so much for making a difference.