How to Join

Joining is easy.

1. Go to our resources and links page and download the ACF Green Clinic guide to get you started on greening your practice

2. Go renewable. The cost of solar panels now means that pay back times are in the order of just a few years. They also send a strong community message. If it is not an option at your practice, you can purchase “renewables-sourced” electricity from your retailer.

3. Have a practice policy to reduce energy use as described in the ACF Green Clinic guide through such measures as lighting changes, attention to stand-by power, heating and cooling control. It is now generally cheaper (and cleaner) to move away from gas water heating to either solar or more efficient electric “heat pumps”.

4. Purchase recycled paper, reduce paper use and recycle all waste. Electronic communication has allowed for significant reduction in paperwork, consumables and storage space.

5. Encourage staff to cycle or walk to work. Healthier and more productive colleagues and less pollution: Everyone benefits!

6. Display educational material on Health and  the Environment  in your waiting room (see our brochures and posters page)

7. If you have done 1-6 above, become a member by signing on on our members page and start letting you patients and colleagues know that sustainability matters by:

8. Downloading the GreenPractice logo and adding to all your letters and referrals.

9. Downloading the GreenPractice certificate and displaying it in your waiting room, doctors rooms and treatment rooms.

10. Start telling your colleagues about us!

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